Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Start of It...

My daughter, McKenna Grace, blessed our world for just a short time. Due to an incompetent cervix, she was born too soon to survive. I am not in the place right now to share my pregnancy story, or her birth; that is something I hope I can do at a later time.

Since her passing, I have had huge ups and downs. Ultimately, her presence in my life made me grateful for everything. I believe I am just now coming out of the bitterness, seven months later.

I am young. Young enough to believe I have the luxury to wait to have another baby. This blog will not be about my attempts to TTC, at least not any time soon. It will be a place for me to heal and hear from other moms who know what it is like. Its not that I don't want a baby, I certaintly do; even more so after our loss. For me, the loss is still too fresh. Anything now will feel like a 'replacement' and there are none of those. For now I will just chronicle my adventures as a new college student (something I believe I have to do for my baby) and my journey through life trying to get more prepared for the next time I get a chance to have a baby.

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