Sunday, October 25, 2009


This past weekend was spent at the state fair and at car.o.winds for their annual halloween event. And i can definitely find the silver lining in being childless at the moment. or at least not the parents of ill-behaved children.

One- I am able to ride rides and be a kid myself at an amusement park. this time last year I was pregnant. I would not have been able to enjoy any of this. I do believe I am getting older as my legs are so sore and my neck feels as if i have suffered severe whiplash from a car wreck.

Two- My pet peeve showed. I cannot stand rude or annoying children! I fully believe this is the parents' fault, but that doesn't make standing in line with them or being ran over by them any easier.

It's nice to find the silver lining in unfortunate circumstances : )

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